How To Ready For SEO In 2016

You must be agreed with the statement that people do still search for online for what they want, and it has become so frequent in the past some years- whether you like it or not. Most of the people use a smartphone while accessing anything which is online.

So, do you want them in order to find your brand or business, when they do all kinds of researches? If yes, here are some tips that you can prepare for SEO in 2016 in order to help to provide better understanding of SEO:

What are the major ways search engines have evolved recently?

  • The main goals of all search engines are to provide the platforms to users- with the most relevant results that match whatsoever they are searching for!

  • When it comes to local businesses, consumers do search a lot for driving directions, images, hours of operations, etc.

  • Users are also looking to learn as much as possible regarding the company, therefore, they interact with social media profiles as well as go through with customers’ reviews.

  • Search engines have evolved to make searching easier for customers in order to find the information as what they are looking for. The search engines have also worked hard to make sure the information is quite accessible across all the channels as in desktop computers, tablets, laptops, etc.

How essentially has technology influenced the sort of device & all these searches are occurring on?

Recently, Google has announced that “mobile devices” are one of the main sources of its search traffic. It has happened more quickly than anyone ever predicted. Moreover, it has had a significant impact on local businesses. The websites that are not mobile-friendly will be penalized if they do not have a mobile-friendly version of the website available.

If you still do not have a mobile version of the website, it would be great to go to the mobile version of the website for the better SEO & traffic.

How significant is to establish a good social presence for company’s SEO?

  • Right now, most of the consumers use more than 10 sources of information in order to make a purchase decision. They do use search engines in order to find out potential companies to search for the specific name of the company to know more about its services.

  • Consumers do use local business directories, blogs, photo sharing websites, etc. The users or visitors usually would like to read the reviews before using the services.

  • On the other hand, publishing content across all these platforms as part of the company’s web presence is vital in order to SEO- search engine optimization.

  • Numerous cost-effective advertising platforms are there that the company can leverage to ensure the most common comprehensive strategy possible.

What is the biggest challenge for small-and-medium-sized business (SMBs)?

While attracting customers online, one of the biggest challenges SMBs have is to find out the business partner that profoundly understands- how consumers are using the Internet today, and drafting a comprehensive strategy, which takes advantage of all the available opportunities.

A Small-and-medium sized business needs to have websites, blogs, accurate local business listings as well as the content marketing strategy, which includes articles, videos & images.

They also need to monitor & market their online reputation and building the number of fans & followers on their social media networks. When it comes to design, it needs to be consistent, professional & conversion-friendly in order to focus generating the leads.

The next important thing is that- the website needs to be “responsive” that means is fitted in diverse devices (Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop, etc.) The small & medium sized businesses are overwhelmed with what has to be done. That business needs to find out a trusted partner who can help them to understand- the consumer’s buying journey of consumers & help them draft a comprehensive strategy in order to build & optimize their web presence in both professional as well as mobile-friendly manner.

The best thing a small-and-medium-sized business can do is to have a professional assess the buying journey of their targeted market after that audit the web presence in order to identify the opportunities for improvement.

Here’re some predictions on SEO trends to expect in 2016

  • Purchasers are using mobile devices as primary devices in order to go online, and Smartphones are expected to achieve maximum U.S market by 2016.

  • Sales of tablets are growing faster as compared to anything. The small business needs to adopt their local marketing tools & strategies to be suited to tablets.

  • The social media influences search purchase decisions. Purchasers are looking to social media for more information & inspiration regarding which companies to choose.

  • What about ‘direct mail’? It is still working for better! It must be used in combination with the all-inclusive internet marketing strategy in order to get the best possible results. 

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