What Will Latest E-Commerce Web Design Trends Be Like In 2016?


Design – It comes up with in two ways- good & bad web designs. When the website is poorly designed that is caused unending stress & wasting valuable time.

Your business websites must be offering far high-quality & better products. But this is not at all enough, the websites, which are poorly designed cause low conversion rates, plus beneath ROI (returns on investment). The eCommerce websites are not meant to create in order to cater as a product placeholder. Instead of all these things, the design is all meant for customer services, marketing, visual merchandising department.

Still, your web design has not been effective, then 2016 is the year to make the most of it. In order to help & prepare you in the year of 2016, we’ve composed a list of 4 top trends among any ecommerce web design company.

Check out the following ecommerce design trends 2016 in order to keep your visitors engaged:


1.Fully Flat Design

Undoubtedly, fully flat designs will become the face of trillion websites soon. Plus, the great companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple have made it clear that flat design; it is completely in. Now, it has become a progressively popular; the concept of flat design is widely used while designing the e-commerce websites. Apart from everything, this is more pleasing to the eye as well absolutely easier to understand. The flat design directly focuses on the content & is responsible for decreasing the bounce rate, in addition, using flat design, giving faster load times.


2.Device Agnostic

The smart developer knows very well that it has become meaningless to stick to the concept of the website optimized for a particular device as in old desktop users, Smartphone, Tablets, etc. The e-commerce websites must be functional as well as appeared on all screen sizes. While designing the websites for e-commerce, which must take into account of input methods, capabilities of browsers, and speed of connections in order to create one of the most enjoyable experiences for users or visitors.

In order to compatible with each device, allowing users to navigate around all products & completing the checkout process, without a hitch.


3.Tile Navigation

There’s one reason behind that- why tile navigation style is becoming more popular around the internet among e-commerce websites that- images are more alluring & time-saving comparatively text boxes. In order to intensify the user-experience as well as making navigation more catchy- the main thing is to use the visual content that is supported by the complementing text. In a nutshell, title navigation has worth & power to grab the attention of visitors as soon as they visited with e-commerce website, and keeping users entertained- that means it can recreate the actual feel of walking into the physical online store.


4.Micro UX Effects & Transitions

In every way, the online experience while shopping from e-commerce store must be enjoyable without a hitch. Then, the questions are- how do you make it happen? The fun little features overlook by average customers, which actually enhance the user-experience as well as have the power to increase click-through rates (CTR). The great designs can create a frictionless experience, however, micro UX effects & transitions surely create long-lasting & memorable impact.

The world of e-commerce is dynamic & immense & believing that merely quality products & efforts are not enough for increasing the conversion rate of your online store.

At Click Ripple Solutions, we strive hard to help our customers’ eCommerce stores on top by providing them paralleled solutions, guidance & services. To know more about us & our services- if your online store is not up-to-date with the latest trends of e-commerce design in order to alleviate sales- we’ll help you out- request a free quote today!

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